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Anywhere! Large capacity and super lightweight! Multifunctional mobile battery
● With magnets and suction cups on both sides, it can be used with any model!
● With wireless function and built-in cable, stop carrying cables!
● Compact and lightweight with a large capacity of 10000mAh! Easy to carry, no more worries about running out of battery

The total amount of support purchases at Makuake has exceeded 3 million yen !

It is a mobile battery with integrated magnetic force and suction cup that has never existed before. Can be used both wirelessly and wired, and has a large capacity of 10000mAh! Up to 5 devices can be charged at the same time! You can take it anywhere with palm size.

Not only smartphones and tablets, but also regardless of the model, it will be instantly adsorbed!

It can be easily attached to a wall or desk and quickly transformed into a wall-mounted display! No need to worry about running out of battery!

Easy to paste in the kitchen! Free your hands and cook comfortably!

Do you have any problems?

The cable is too long and gets tangled up, which is frustrating...

Smartphone operation when charging with a mobile battery is surprisingly difficult ...

I want to charge, but there is no cable...

This multi-functional mobile battery was born to put an end to this troubled life!

Suction Cups That Bring Only Convenience

It is a mobile battery that adopts a suction cup integrated design . Not only smartphones, but also large devices such as iPads are firmly adsorbed!

This is how you can solve the plain stress of everyday life by sticking together!

Easy to operate with one hand without disturbing the mobile battery even while charging!

With its strong suction power, it will not fall off no matter how much you shake it, giving you a perfect sense of stability.

* Wireless charging is not supported for smartphones when the smartphone is adsorbed with a suction cup, but charging with the built-in cable is possible.

Mobile battery should be used like this

If it is a flat and smooth wall or glass, it will stick to it as well!

■ Glass

■ Wall

*Before sticking to the wall, avoid gaps and uneven walls and make sure it is flat. Adsorption performance will decrease due to dust, etc., so please wipe it clean before using.

■ Plastic

■ Metal surface

*In actual use, the suction power will vary depending on the wall material. To prevent the mobile battery from falling, make sure it is completely attached before letting go.

Charge up to 5 smartphones simultaneously

Built-in 2 cables + 1 USB-A output port + 1 Type-C output port + wireless charging, you can charge 5 devices at the same time.

It can be used not only for daily use, but also as an emergency power supply during travel, hiking, earthquakes and disasters.

what is a cable Fast wireless charging up to 15W!

Supports wireless charging for the latest iPhone 13, Android devices, AirPods, etc.! Simply place your device on the wireless pad and start charging instantly!

The strong magnet will hold your smartphone, so you don't have to worry about dropping it! Put the cables away and say goodbye!

No, it would be nice to have a cable too!

Two built-in Type-C and Lightning cables! This multifunctional mobile battery is also very useful for those who want to use cables!

Just the right length to not get messy!

After charging is complete, the cable fits smartly into the main unit, eliminating the need to carry a long and tangled cable!

Perfect for when you want to share with your family and friends!

This multi-functional mobile battery will challenge you to free yourself from the worries of running out of battery in your smartphone as well as various electronic devices you have!

Powerful 10000mAh large capacity

Although it is such a compact multifunctional mobile battery, it has a large capacity of 10000mAh that is safe! You can charge the iPhone 12 about 2 times or more, and the Galaxy S20 about 2 times.

With a maximum output of 22.5W , it can be quickly charged to 60% in 30 minutes .

Pocket size perfect for carrying

Have you ever had a mobile battery that is too big to carry around?

The pocket-sized multi-functional mobile battery has a built-in cable , so it can reduce luggage and fit compactly.

It is one size smaller than the iPhone 12 and has almost the same weight. Because it is a small and easy-to-use battery, you can always carry it without stress!

You can bring it on board, so it is very convenient if you have this one when traveling abroad or on a business trip .

This multi-functional mobile battery is equipped with an LED monitor, and the remaining battery capacity of the main unit is displayed numerically, so you can check it at a glance, so you can rest assured!

When the battery is getting low, you can quickly notice it, charge it at the right time, and suddenly the battery is dead! Eliminate the worries of "!

Equipped with an auto power off function that detects the output current and automatically turns off the power when not charging. Since there is no wasteful consumption, it can be used safely even in an emergency!

Come on! Let's create a world without running out of battery with this multifunctional mobile battery!

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