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YMTREND 4WAY Multifunctional Flashlight Mulash

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Super mini size! Easy to carry, perfect for emergencies as well as everyday outdoor activities. Hit!
Turn it into a laser pointer during meetings and presentations! Multifunctional I can't let go of it!
simple! And thanks to the sophisticated design, you can place it anywhere without any discomfort!

Mulash is a multi-functional compact flashlight with extreme portability. Equipped with a spotlight, sidelight, laser pointer, and SOS flashing light, it is not only a lighting fixture that can be used in the event of a disaster, but also can be worn and used in everyday life.

Flashlights have always been well-known as a disaster prevention tool, but there are many people who want to use them in their daily lives.

So this time, we have proposed the Minnie multifunctional flashlight Mulash, which can be used in everyday life!

As a companion in daily life

Don't you feel uneasy when walking on streets with few street lights at night? Mulash's spotlight illuminates your feet and makes it easy to spot obstacles and more.

You can easily adjust the brightness in 3 steps by pressing a button. When walking with your dog or when there are people around, you don't have to worry about annoying it by adjusting the low brightness mode!

Mulash can also be used for daily inspection of the engine room of the car! It illuminates every corner of a place that is usually difficult to see.

A must-have item for outdoor activities! If you hang it with a strap, it becomes a camping light and you can spend a more comfortable outdoor time.

Convenient functions that are very useful in various scenes

● Red laser pointer

Besides the basic function as a flashlight, Mulash also has a laser pointer function! As a strong companion for meetings and presentations, it effectively guides the audience's gaze and further improves performance.

Great for playing with cats at home! You can easily keep playing with just a wave of your hand~

*Please be careful not to hit the cat's eyes with the light when using.

● Side light

Mulash has a sidelight on the side, and you can adjust the brightness in two steps. Create a soft atmosphere with a gentle orange light.

Thanks to just the right brightness, it can also be used as a night light. It is also good to read by yourself without disturbing your roommate.

In addition, one side has a double magnet, so you can free both hands by attaching it to a steel cabinet or whiteboard.

Leave it to the SOS flashing light in an emergency

The sidelight part has 3 more colored lights, and you can press the button to adjust the light color and mode.

* Up to 67 hours can be used with white light!

In particular, the "SOS Flashing Light", which alternately flashes red and blue lights, can be used to quickly notify passersby of danger when making an emergency stop in a dark place.

Its intense flash of light can be seen from afar, so when you call for help, Mulash will instantly alert those around you!

Designed for ultimate portability

Weighing only 65g, it is easy to carry! It's not bulky at all, so you can easily put it in your bag. Or you can hang it in your clothes pocket with a clip like a pen.

Thanks to the soothing colors and sophisticated design, it's stylish and looks great wherever you put it!

It's USB rechargeable, so you don't even need to carry a replacement battery!

attention to detail


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